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Health Disparities Of Prenatal Care - 960 Words

One important health disparity is the lack of prenatal care amongst women in socially disadvantaged populations. These predominately include women of minorities, women who have a low income, and the location these women live in. This health disparity is important to address because research has shown that women who receive prenatal care are more likely to conceive babies of a healthy birth weight and have low infant mortality rates than those women who do not receive this prenatal care (Putting Women s Health Disparities on the Map, 2009). Therefore, health disparities amongst women in need of prenatal care have lead to preventable infant mortalities amongst women in vulnerable populations. Three reasons why this health disparity is important to address include the following: health disparities in prenatal care lead to lack of access to prenatal care to women in vulnerable populations, there are increased adverse health outcomes for both the infant and mother, and there are excess me dical expenses that could otherwise have been prevented. Because â€Å"prematurity is the leading cause of newborn death in the United States† (â€Å"Healthy Mothers and Healthy babies,† 2013), finding and developing a solution will be extremely beneficial and needs to begin with addressing prenatal care. The first problem that needs to be addressed is simply the lack of access for women in vulnerable populations to prenatal care. This is a major problem because we see that the rate of women whoShow MoreRelatedThe Black And White Infant Mortality Gap Essay1577 Words   |  7 Pagesamong black infants. However, the cause of the racial disparities between such birth outcome rates remains largely unexplained. Most studies focus on differential exposures to risk, such as high teen pregnancy rates, single motherhood, lower education levels, poverty, and even genetic causes, but these factors do not adequately account for the racial disparities in birth outcomes. Based off of the studies previously mentioned, the lack of prenatal support, social support, and high allostatic load appearRead MoreWhy African American Are The Leading Race For Infant Mortality And The Steps That Health Communities Essay1398 Words   |  6 Pageswill explore why African American are the leading race for infant mortality and the steps that health communities need to take to address this devastating occurrence. Demographic Characteristics of the North Carolina Population As of 2014, North Carolina ranks as the 8th worst state for infant mortality in the United States with a slight improvement from holding the number one position in 1988. (Health Start Foundation, 2014) As infant mortality rate is broken down by demographics and ethnicity aRead MoreMaternal Health And The Pregnancy Essay1215 Words   |  5 PagesMaternal health defined by the world health organization as the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. However, this paper examines maternal past experience and utilization of health care during the pregnancy. The primary goal is to assess the role of socio-demographic factors particularly age and race/ ethnicity, and the role of pregnancy intention to the prenatal care utilization and ultimately the correlation of these factors in the birth outcome and the maternalRead MoreInfant Mortality : An Important Indicator Of A Nation s Health1159 Words   |  5 PagesInfant mortality has long been considered to be a n important indicator of a nation’s health, and while it has fallen dramatically over the past five decades, there are still striking differences along socioeconomic, geographic, and racial lines. â€Å"In 2009, the infant mortality rate was 12.4 infant deaths per 1,000 live births among blacks, compared to 5.3 among whites.† Equally large and persistent differences by race are found for other birth outcomes – including stillbirths, preterm births, andRead MoreRacial and Ethnic Disparities in Health1371 Words   |  6 PagesRacial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Large disparities exist between minorities and the rest of Americans in major areas of health. Even though the overall health of the nation is improving, minorities suffer from certain diseases up to five times more than the rest of the nation. President Clinton has committed the nation to eliminating the disparities in six areas of health by the Year 2010, and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be jumping in on this huge battleRead MorePrenatal Care During The United States Essay809 Words   |  4 Pages Prenatal care in the United States was not the way is today, there have been some improvements in regards to prenatal care. The number of pregnant women who received prenatal care has increased over the past 75 years (Zolotor and Carlough, 2014). Today, medical providers deliver more integrated services, which includes evidence-based screening, counseling, medical care, and psychosocial support. In the past, in the United States the majority of women delivered at home with no anesthetics; womenRead MoreEssay On Black Womens Health708 Words   |  3 PagesThe health of a nation plays an integral part in the overall success and economic well being of a particular country. The United Stated, while pouring more money into the healthcare system than any other country, still stands as a broken system with inadequate care for many citizens. One of the most marginalized groups of people, African American women, continually score alarmingly low on basic measures of overall health. The healthcare discrepancies between white and black women in the UnitedRead MoreThe Ethics Of Prenatal Screening1728 Words   |  7 Pagesof Prenatal Screening Prenatal screening itself is a moment that holds uncertainty and can change the lives of those involved. . The chance of having a boy or girl seems to be the least of worries of expectant parents. Having a child with disability has been stigmatized to be a much bigger issue that is considered a â€Å"problem† in society. Even with issues surrounding prenatal screening, and it being ethical or â€Å"the right thing to do,† the worries of people with disabilities about how prenatal screeningRead MoreThe Effects Of Low Birth Weight On Infants1518 Words   |  7 Pagesconsist of 7% of live births, however, 35% of the cost of health care goes towards caring for low birth weight infants. Studies show that African American infants are twice more than Caucasian infants to have a low birth weight. To bring a life into this world takes more than conception; sacrifices need to be made, nurturing, and providing a safe home for the child, but many minorities struggle to fulfill the se needs. Health and health care are imperative when it comes to being an expecting mother;Read MoreInequity: Ethnic and Racial Disparity in American Health Care1405 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferences (or disparities) rampant throughout our nation’s health care system. These disparities can sometimes indicate that there is unequal treatment of Americans in our nation. In 2002, The Institute of Medicine (IOM) published the leading report, Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care. The report proved there is in-fact, racial and ethnic disparities in American health care, and amid the many health care services available. Disparities in health care are of-course

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Facebook The End of Friendship As We Know It Essay

Facebook: Its The End of Friendship As We Know It (and I feel fine) Manjoo’s essay Is Facebook a Fad provides extensive insight into various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Based on statistics derived from Manjoo’s essay, we get to know that Facebook has over one billion active users and one half of them log into their accounts each day (Manjoo p.223). William Deresiewicz also eludes to this in his essay Faux Friendship. As a result of so many people opting to turn to social networking sites, this in turn has made friendship to smoothly be integrated into the various new electronic lifestyles. One way that these sites poses an imminent threat to our ability to communicate face to face, is that,†¦show more content†¦In respect to this, our individual friendship becomes blurred since we tend to spend a lot of time chatting with people who are far away from us instead of concentrating on those around us. Thus to Deresiewicz the more people we know the lonelier we get (Deresiewicz p.478). According to Deresiewicz one of the ways that social networks have shaped our identity is that, nowadays, people are willing and eager to conduct their private lives in public. For instance, people comment about their personal feelings or their whereabouts not knowing of the dangers they pose to themselves. Anything posted on facebook, can be seen by anyone so long as he or she is your friend thus most people comment about their private lives not keeping in mind that not everyone is as friendly as he or she seems in social networking sites. According to Deresiewicz, the value of friendship lies in the space of privacy it creates and not based on secrets that two people share (Deresiewicz p.478). In reference to Deresiewicz, it’s also important to note that most people impersonate themselves while on social networking sites thus making us feel that we quite don’t really know the people we refer to us as being close friends. One of the ways that social networking sites have rede fined the concept of friendship is that, it has led to an end, the classicalShow MoreRelatedHow Social Media Has On Our Society1010 Words   |  5 PagesIn â€Å"Faux Friendship,† associate professor William Deresiewics discusses the affect that social media has on our society. Deresiewics originally published this piece in The Chronicles of Higher Education in December 2009, but this piece has been published in The Nation, The American Scholar, The London Review of Books, and The New York Times. Deresiewics’ attempts to convince readers that social media take away our ability to build relationships in person. Despite Deresiewics’ appeal to ethos andRead MoreHow Facebook Has Changed Our Lives1269 Words   |  6 Pagesrun across people that do not have a Facebook account. Facebook has become so widely popular that it is hard to imagine how we kept in touch without it. Facebook has changed the way we socialize but providing everyone access to a large number of social contacts that would be impossible to maintain through traditional methods of keeping in touch such as face to face meetings, letters, or telephone calls. Facebook helps us easily connect with people with whom we might lose touch without it. It can justRead MoreThe Current Time Period Of The World919 Words   |  4 PagesIn the current time period of the world we inhabit we are in a social media age. Social media is websites that enable us to communicate with one another over the internet. Some of these sites are twitter and Facebook. This like anything else comes with pros and cons. An example of a pro would be it is easier for us to find information with websites like google. A major con and what we will be discussing today is a lack of personal communication with each other. It’s quite the contradictionRead MoreSocial Networking Sites Are Beneficial Or Harmful?1713 Words   |  7 PagesThere is much controversy on whether or not social networking sites are beneficial or harmful to society. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become an important part in the everyday lives of many adolescents, teenagers and young adults. They have become such an important part of the lives of the younger crowd that older generations refer to them as â€Å"the wired generation† (Jacobsen, 2011). Many question whether or not this new â€Å"wired generation† is positive of negative. Different peopleRead MorePrivacy Levels on Social Networking Sites - To What Extent Are They 1743 Words   |  7 Pagesyou want to re-connect with an old high school friend, or whether you just want to make some friends online in general. Social networking sites have revolutionised communication, and are now one of the main sources of communication used today. Facebook was created in 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerburg, and is estimated to have over 175 million members (Hovi, Pitkanen, Tuunainen, 2009). Whilst social networking sites have grown over the years, so have concerns about privacy issues on theseRead MoreWhy Gay Men and Straight Women Have Such Close Relationships860 Words   |  3 Pageswomen. For the current research in this article, researchers hypothesized that the trustworthiness and honesty that often characterizes gay male-straight female friendships may be rooted in mating relevant domains. Basically, with the absence of deceptive mating motivations, one is able to fully feel comfortable and honest within the friendship and not have to worry that they are being hit on. This experiment was done in two parts. The first experiment was known as straight women’s perceptionsRead MoreIs Social Media A Form Of Narcissism?1238 Words   |  5 Pages Can the excessive use of social media, specifically Facebook, be seen as a form of narcissism? Editors Edwin E. Gantt and Brent Slife of Brigham Young University present two opposing opinions to explore this topic in their presentation, â€Å"Is Excessive Use of Social Media a Form of Narcissism?†. Could the oversharing, â€Å"duck face†, and look at me virtual world be a way to reach out to each other or just a shallow attempt at self-validation? Each article expresses the author’s views, and research onRead MoreSocial Media And Its Impact On Society1442 Words   |  6 Pagespromoted in recent years. The population of adults who fully engage in the social networking has increased tremendously. In the article â€Å"Virtual Popularity Isn’t Cool- It’s Pathet ic†, Ian Daly presents the statistic that there are sixty-four million Facebook users are over the ages of twenty-five and one hundred and ten million MySpace users are over thirty-five (par.1). For the people who born in the 1980s or earlier, they are already working for years to pay their bills and develop their careers. ThereforeRead MoreHow Social Media Affects Tangible Relationships Social Interaction1698 Words   |  7 Pagesgeneration communicates with one another in comparison to older generations. Recent technological innovations, such as social media networking sites has been said to alter the way in which we communicate and the interaction we obtain face-to-face. According to Charles Blow, author of Friends, Neighbors, and Facebook, â€Å"Social networks are rewiring our relationships and our keyboard communities are affecting the attachments in our actual ones† (1).However, research shows that social media not only altersRead MoreSummary Of Aunt Jennifers Tigers By Adrienne Rich1646 Words   |  7 Pagesdaughters misfortune if he would have one and ends up with the thought of not having any daughter. The tone of Kees is harsh and dark. Kees uses the awful words The nights slow poison, tolerant and bland, Has moved her blood. / Or, fed on hate, she relishes the sting Of others agony; perhaps the cruel Bride of syphilitic or a fool. to describe the destination of a daughter that a father envisions. The future that he thinks of his kid is horrible. At the end I have no daughter. I desire none. , the

Filipino Social Acceptance Free Essays

Adrian Carl C. Flores Dorm: matapat Age : 16 Sex : Male Birth Date : September 30,1993 Address : Kapuong 1993 kapilya, Tondo Manila Educational Attainment : High school Civil : Single Occupation : Delivery Boy Date of Admission : December. 22, 2011 Date Administered Test : February 7, 2013 Case : Frustrated murder Social Worker : Mam Shiena I. We will write a custom essay sample on Filipino Social Acceptance or any similar topic only for you Order Now General Observation The subject wears Sando,Black Short . He is in fair complex, black eyes and bald. Noticeably he was some mole in his neck . Among the 4 siblings. He is the youngest. At the very young age her mother left them and the only one that will take care of them is her father. But later on her father died so that no one will lead them to make good decision making. The absence of his parents is one of the factor that will lead him to do undesirable things in life. The subject while talking the test was quit. But when he saw some of her dormate he talk even though I am in front of him. And hesitant especially in drawing because he claimed that he does not know how to draw perfectly. On the other hand he was able to draw as much as he could. I. Test AdministeredDate Administered DAP11-16-12 SSCT11-20-12 RAVEN11-21-12 BENDER11-22-12 II. The result and interpretation DAP The test showed his tendencies of being suspicious to other people. He suffers from oral aggression . He has a problem to control his anger. He has sexual conflict and conflict about his body. SACH SENTENCE Based on the test result, it shows that the subject has conflict towards his parent. He wishes the presence of his parent. He has a mild difficulty in accepting challenges in her life. He has difficulty at work . he feels rejected and isolated but he tried to be optimistic. BENDER The test revealed that the subject is emotionally disturbed maybe because of the quickly losing her parents. There is an evident anxiety and difficulty toward her interpersonal relationship. He tried to be socially accepted but his suspicious surface take place when he is in conflct. RAVENS PROGRESSIVE Raw Score : 40 Percentile : 25% Grade : III Level of Intelligence : Intellectually Average IVSummary The subject appeared to Deny persistent feeling of guilt and insecurity. His poor disposition was a factor that hinders him and made him suffer from a feeling of inferiority and and isolationt hat may cause him depression. Only if he has a strong family foundation, it may display positive visualization towards his goal in life and has a strong decision making. Jason Ubina Dorm: Reception Age : 16 Sex : Male Birth Date : November 19,1996 Address : 1464 Ilang –Ilang St. Pandacan Manila Educational Attainment : High school Civil : Single Occupation : Computer Technician Date of Admission : March 9, 2013 Date Administered Test : February 7, 2013 Case : Marijuana User Social Worker : Daddy Erwin II. General Observation The subject wears White T-shirt ,Black Short and slippers. He is in dark complex, black eyes and bald. Noticeably he has tattoo on his wrist and finger and mole n hid neck. Among the 4 siblings. He is the youngest. The subject while talking the test was quit. But when he saw some of her dormate he talks even though I am in front of him. Some of the time. He is complaining about the question in test I giving. III. Test AdministeredDate Administered DAP11-16-12 SSCT11-20-12 RAVEN11-21-12 BENDER11-22-12 IV. The result and interpretation DAP The test showed that the subject is optimistic. He recognizes the male is the more powerful which is normal. The subject is more on impulsive behavior rather than intellectual. He needs to control expression of aggression. SACH SENTENCE Based on the test result, it shows that the subject has conflict towards his father. He wishes the presence of his father. He has a mild difficulty in accepting challenges in her life. He regret on his past experiences and seem mildly disturbed by the failure to control of his trouble that he make. Even though there are things that is not unpleasant he trid to be optimistic and to be patient. BENDER The test revealed that the subject is one of the aggressive type. He suffered from a feeling of insecurity and self doubt. RAVENS PROGRESSIVE Raw Score : 39 Percentile : 25% Grade : III Level of Intelligence : Intellectually Average IVSummary The subject appeared to deny persistent feeling of guilt and his problem controlling aggression. The subject has the tendencies to be self oriented, optimistic and aggressive. His poor disposition was a factor that hinders him and made him suffer from a feeling of inferiority and and isolation hat may cause him depression. Only if he has a strong family foundation, it may display positive visualization towards his goal in life and has a strong decision making. Rogie Mar Perez Dorm: Reception Age : 17 Sex : Male Birth Date : November 3, 1995 Address : 1478 Fugoso St. Sta. Cruz Manila Educational Attainment : High school Civil : Single Occupation : Mineral water Boy Date of Admission : February 26, 2013 Date Administered Test : February 27, 2013 Case : Rubbery Social Worker : Mam Mel III. General Observation The subject wears Blue T-shirt, Black Short and slippers. He is in dark complex, black eyes and bald. Noticeably he has tattoo on his left arm. Among the 3siblings. He is the Eldest. He is a married person. He has one child. His fathers were on ail when he was young so that he mother are the only one that is supporting them financially. The subject while talking the test was quit. He follow instruction quickly an d participate properly. Test AdministeredDate Administered DAP11-16-12 SSCT11-20-12 RAVEN11-21-12 BENDER11-22-12 V. The result and interpretation DAP He does not recognize the role of sexes. He suffered from social anxiety that may cause him depression. He suffered from being self indulgence and self centered. He did not listen to the opinion of other. He feel discriminate. SACH SENTENCE Based on the test result, it shows that the subject has conflict towards his father. He wishes the presence of his father. He always want approval of others before committing emotionally. He is extremely suspicious about other people. HE has Mild difficulty in accepting challenges in life. BENDER The test revealed that the subject ha s low tolerance of frustration. He has a feeling of insecurity and compulsive self doubt. He thinks negative in some aspect of her life. . He tried to be socially accepted but his suspicious surface take place when he is in conflict. RAVENS PROGRESSIVE Raw Score : 44 Percentile : 50% Grade : III Level of Intelligence : Intellectually Average IVSummary The subject appeared to be socially distrcted. There is an evident anxiety frustration and suspicious thingking. His poor disposition was a factor that hinders him and made him suffer from a feeling of inferiority and and isolation hat may cause him depression. Only if he has a strong family foundation, it may display positive visualization towards his goal in life and has a strong decision making. How to cite Filipino Social Acceptance, Essay examples

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Justin Leung Essays - Sports, Summer Olympic Sports, Tennis

Justin Leung 6/25/16 Arthur Ashe Essay: The skills in tennis in which render personal character in one's own mind and body are not only the physical achievements that a player may accomplish, but the way that they cope with the many hardships and decisions that they may face on and off the courts. Along this strenuous path comes the clear responsibilities that a player holds onto for the rest of their life. They must learn the basics of calling the ball on the lines of the court and to keep an accurate score, and to give the opponent the benefit of the doubt, but among these there can be several critical aspects that may alter the lives of these players committed to the game. When a tennis player is given the opportunity to play through tough times, it gives them courage. Where tennis is one of the only sports that require for players to call their own shots, that grows honesty inside of them. Some game should focus on having a good time and appreciating other's input into the game, when they may suffer their own set of shortcomings, allowing those with this can say that tennis may be a competitive sport and winning may be critical, but the comprehension to embody a humbling feature within. Sportsmanship will often come along as a worry to parents when in competitive games. In the short run, tennis players will, often or not, come across opponents that are rude, and that may cheat. This creates a very uncomfortable environment for the player, even when many competitive players are mature beyond their peers in this area because they have had more chances to practice these skills than non-tennis players. Without a doubt, though, parents and guardians should respectively view these episodes as opportunities and resist their urge to get involved and intervene. Along with these ideals of the game, tennis definitely delivers the pursuit of excellence and commitment into the mind of a player. This will boost their confidence with the right setting of peers and adults involved in their playing of tennis . With these, tennis has definitely been proven to have shown drastic improvements in personal character. Their patience and discipline will ultimately guide them in a successful path in their careers and future. The general skill-set and responsibilities that a tennis player carries with them will produce valuable life-lessons learned. Every tough loss, a victory, as long as the player coordinates these life-lessons that tennis offers.

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Chilis cook off

Chilis cook off Introduction Origin of various food additives have been connected to Americas, but none like chili. Several ideas have come up as to the origin of chili, with some theories pointing to ancient Mexicans of Indian descent.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Chili’s cook off specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Other researchers have also attributed its origin to Spain, Portugal, Africa and South America as well as the United States. However, it can be proved that chili did not come from Mexico, since, according to the ancient Indian culture, they passed their practices from one generation to another, but none of them even depicted cultivation of chili. Indians are known to love chilies and soup made from it, especially due to its health effects. Over the years, its use has spread all over the globe, and is now considered the world’s best concoction. This paper will try to provide a brief description on the histo ry of chili (Stadley 1). History of Chili Chili is a concoction used to make hot and spicy soup. It can be used with meat, beans or other kinds of foods. Its use is estimated to have started many centuries ago, although there are still speculations as to whoever identified it first. Chili comes from chile, which is a pepper pod. The most common debates that have risen about it have mainly focused on determining the best chilies. In this regard, each of the States has insisted that theirs is the best. The Portuguese are said to have led distribution of chili throughout the word. Their trade in Africa and India spurred spread of chili throughout the world. Southwestern Ecuador was cited by the archeologist as the most probable origin of chili peppers over 6000 years ago. They also attest to the fact that this could have been the first crop to be cultivated in these regions (South and Central America). It was Christopher Columbus who named them peppers as they looked similar to the Eur opean peppers which were black and white (Pyramid Computer Service 1) They were then introduced in Europe where their cultivations were mainly done in Portugal and Spain. This was only restricted to the monasteries in these areas. Due to the high cost of black peppercorns, monks cultivating peppers found it as an alternative. Their spread throughout the world is attributed to trade routes during these periods.Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Chili got to Spain in 1943 through a physician known as Diego Alvarez, who in 1944, went on to document its medicinal effects. It then spread to Mexico from Spain since their colony was powerful and controlled trade routes in Asian region. This led to its spread in Asia, first to Philippines, then to India, Korea, China and Japan, among others. Other theories have also suggested that it first spread from Portugal to India and to the rest o f the world. Still others reckon that it entered the United Stated through Indians who lived on the southwest and also through Spanish missionaries. It then spread to Texas and then to all States. However, what comes out clearly is the fact that it spread through trade routes and from colonizers to their respective colonies (International Chili Society 1). Conclusion Several theories have come up to describe the origin and distribution of chili throughout the world. These theories meet at some stages, for instance, that chili peppers spread throughout the world via trade routes and spread of Christianity. They also agree on the fact that Christopher Columbus was the first European to find chili. However, differences come in identifying the first people in the world to have used chili; they range from Indians, Ecuadorians, Spanish as well as the Portuguese. Nonetheless, what comes out clearly is the fact that it spread via trade and missionary routes (Laubsh 1). International Chili Society. â€Å"History of Chili†. Chili cook off. 03.06.2011. Web. Laubsh, Nigel. â€Å"Everything You Wanted To Know About Chilli History How They Circumnavigated The World†. 04.03.2011. Web. Pyramid Computer Service. â€Å"The History of Chili†. Socastee Online. 10.01.2008. Web.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Chili’s cook off specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Stadley, Linda. â€Å"History of Chili, Chili Con Carne†. What’s Cooking America? 11.02.2011. Web.

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4 Advantages Internal Candidates Have Over You -The JobNetwork

4 Advantages Internal Candidates Have Over You -The JobNetwork Applying for your dream job? You’ve finally found it, and you’re perfect for it. You fit the qualifications, and then some. This job is absolutely made for you! So, what’s the catch? There might be internal candidates vying for the same job–and they have a leg up. Here are 4 things internal candidates have going for them that will net them your dream job almost every time, unless you learn how to preempt the situation.1. They know the company.Internal candidates, whether they’ve worked at a place for two months or 20  years, know the mission, goals, culture, hierarchy, values, etc. of the company inside and out. They also might have an understanding of the interior politics involved in this particular job opening. You do not.What you can do is research the company. Do your homework. And make sure that if you get asked in an interview about the company, you’re spouting information off as naturally as if you’d been working there ten ye ars. Act like you already do!2. The company knows them.Better the devil you know? Also better the angels. If a company knows an inside candidate can get the job done well, then they’re more likely to hire them again. They also have a good sense of their work ethic, their social skills, their strengths and weaknesses.What you need to do is articulate your value. Go ahead and be upfront about this- and use it as an asset. After all, not being a known entity has its advantages. Remind them you bring a fresh perspective with you. Don’t be shy to share some of your new ideas in the interview. Show yourself as the most qualified person for the job, and show them they don’t need to worry about your delivering on your promises.3. Personal relationships are already established.Internal candidates have a bunch of people on the inside- coworkers, contacts, friends- who are loyal and will vouch for them. That goes a long way. They’ve made inroads, and have developed relationships with their team and other teams that make lots of people in the company comfortable working with them.Your only shot here is to network. Find an â€Å"in† in the company, someone who could refer you or offer a personal recommendation. Or even someone you’ve developed a relationship with who could give you some advice from the inside on how to best prepare your application.4. They’re already a fit.You’re still trying to figure out what the company culture is, and the internal candidate is already in it. Unless they’re not doing well or fitting in, they’ve got a huge leg up on you because their bosses will already be comfortable with them, even like them. This might be the number one reason internal candidates win out in the end- they already fit.The way you prepare can go a long way towards giving the hiring manager the same sense. Do a bit of research to figure out what you can about the company culture, then- particularly if t here are values you share- go ahead and emphasize the ways in which you fit. Talk the talk, walk the walk, etc. Show them you’re one of them. Put them at ease. If you can do all that and prove that you’d be an asset to the team, you’ll have a good chance of beating out your competition from within.

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Accounting for companies Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Accounting for companies - Term Paper Example The fair value method or the cost method is used in cases where the company’s ownership is 20% and below. In this method, the company has no significant influence on the operation and control of the subsidiary and will record the investment at cost. Here, the company will record the investment on the balance sheet at cost and will not be concerned with the valuation of the specific assets and liabilities. The dividends that are earned from the investment will be credited in the income statement of the holding company while losses will be debited to recognize and account for the impact (FASB, 2007). Since the company has no rights on dividends on the investment unless declared, it will not record any dividends on the balance sheet of the company. In cases where the investment is in the form of marketable securities, the accounts will be adjusted to reflect the fair value at the end of each financial year (FASB, 2007). Equity securities that are not tradable are classified as av ailable for sale in the balance sheet. Despite the lack of control on the purchased investment, many companies enter into such investment in order to earn lucrative dividends. This income could be then invested in other projects to enhance the value of the holding company. At the same time, a company might venture in such investment in order to earn capital gain from the increasing share prices. The second method, equity method, is applied in the case where the investing company buys between 20% and 50% control on the subsidiary (IASB, 2011). This proportion is considered significant in influencing the operation of the subsidiary in as much as it is not sufficient in having exclusive control. The holding company will account for the investment as an associate. The purchasing company will record the investment at cost in the balance sheet i.e. the original purchase cost is used. This